About Eddie C.

                   My name is Eddie C. Chiccone and have been an electronic engineer for over 20 years. I have held a FCC general class licensee since '78, a Ham radio ticket since '85. I started playing around with CB walkie-talkies when I was 12 years old and within a year or so, I purchased and installed my first 5-watt base station. By the age of 15, I was fixing radios and amplifiers for the local operators; my career as a tech had begun.

                   During my freshman year at Nova High, I discovered a Tesla coil while snooping around one day in a storage room of the science building. After a little work and a lot of begging, I convinced the teacher in charge to let me break it out for a test run. At this point, the highest voltage that I had ever experimented with was a 15,000 volt neon sign transformer (You know... the type used to make the classic "Jacobs Ladder" upward traveling arc that is usually seen in the back round of "Frankenstein" flicks).

Needless to say, I was very impressed by the 8 to 10 inch bolts produced by the Tesla coil. The thing generated about 200,000 volts of high frequency AC!!! I knew right away that I would be losing sleep until I had my own. Over the next few months I succeeded in actually building a copy of that Tesla coil. I was the only 15-year-old kid around with 200,000 volts worth of  HOME MADE LIGHTNING flying through his bedroom!!! Pretty cool huh? My Mom was pleased..."NOT"!!! Especial after she got a whiff of all the ozone that was produced in the first 30 second run. Ventilation proved to be an immediate problem with indoor operation. So began my experiments with high voltage plasma.

                  Little did I know, I had just built the major component required for taking something called "Kirlian photography" (or "Aura photography")! At least two years passed before I would learn about "Kirlian". Then, two years later, while attending DeVry Tech in Atlanta GA., I entered some "Kirlian Photography" in a school contest called "Ideas 78". Not only did our project win first prize but it also attracted the most attention. The judges were the executives of many big electronic companies.

About WolfRadio.com

       Building the Pipeline in early '97 greatly increased my desire to have a web site, after all who ever heard of a radio station without one. But before I could the station became unraveled, some of you know the story. So I took my time and built Wolf FM and followed up with WolfRadio dot com. I planned to advertise the site over the radio station but that was before the feds went nuts. As a result I have to rely on email, newsgroups, newspapers, and word of mouth etc. This will not effect the content or quality of the web site in fact it gives me more time to work on it. However it does effect the station and I am postponing its operation indefinitely. No one is more saddened by this than me and I am sorry for getting everyone's hopes up and not being able to follow through. But have faith the game is not over yet. I believe cool things are on the horizon for us "Think Positive"! Don't forget to tell all your friends about WolfRadio.com and get them to join in the battle to create the LPFM service.
                    I would like to thank everyone who helped make the first station a success you know who you are. And also thanks to all my friends who donated music to the Wolf FM collection you were a great help. I will be using this web site in much the same way as I would use a transmitter. To broadcast news, info and music. Stayed tuned for weekly updates in the areas of pirate radio, LPFM and downloadable MP3 files. Other subjects that will be covered include: antenna systems, transmitters, rf amplifiers, installation and operation advice.