Kirlian Photography

         Kirlian Photography is also called Radiation Field Photography. It's a process that involves photographing the energy field (Aura) that surrounds all living things. It works by charging objects, or subjects, with a high frequency high voltage energy field and using regular film to capture the image. Inanimate objects will hold energy to, usually from the last person that handled it. It is commonly believed that a Kirlian photo shows a picture of the etheric body also called the etheric double.
          Without getting to deep into esoterism, living things possess multiple bodies that exist in different dimensions. The etheric body is the first energy body above the physical followed by the astral then mental and so on up the line. The etheric body is about the same size and shape as the physical body and radiates a small distance past it. In the photo's below you will see a picture of a leaf. The first picture taken was of the whole leaf, then I cut the leaf in half with a pair of scissors. I then took another picture of just one half of the leaf, but if you look closely you can see the missing half of the leaf in the picture. This is called the "phantom leaf effect". This clearly shows that there is more to living things than just the physical body. It's named after the phantom limb effect in humans when people with missing limbs report of being able to feel pain or itching in the missing limb. This experiment has been duplicated by universities and experimenters around the world, but it usually takes many tries to get the ghost leaf to appear, mine worked the first time.
         I like to think of the Kirlian photo as a x-ray of the future. It is accepted esoteric belief that things that happen to the physical body must make the transition down through the higher bodies before they can reach the physical body. If Kirlian is showing us the etheric body it should then be possible to see ailments or problems in the etheric before they manifest in the physical. It is then possible to heal these problems while they are still in the etheric body, there by preventing them from manifesting in the physical at all.

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First, the whole leaf. Second, half the leaf. The half that's on the plate is on the left side, the ghost is on the right. Notice how the corona only jumps off the physical part of leaf.


Various shots of finger tips and a penny.

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