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              The 1st three links are the most important and deal directly with helping to create the LPFM service. This should give you something to digest for awhile and buy me some time to fatten up this site. Remember WolfRadio.com was "born on" the second day of the New Year 1999 and has a long way to grow, stayed tuned for weekly updates.   The Captian

             The name Steven Dunifer is well known in pirate radio circles. It was his famed court case that stalled the feds efforts to shut down community based stations. He created a "window of opportunity" that gave LPFM a serious boost in growth! Soon after his case was lost the feds began their crackdown. This guy is truly devoted too free speech and micro-radio. Till this day he's a thorn in there side. His site is loaded with pirate news. It's a must see.

Stevin Dunifers Site   radio4all.org

            Roger Skinner's page describes all the details of the
Petition RM-9242.

           The FCC has just recently published a LPFM page to help gather opinions on this issue. So lets bury'em with replies.

Music and Audio:
To learn about MP3's      MP3.COM

To get MP3 players     WINAMP.COM

             CB radio related    Big Mac's CB site

             Electronic and Antenna manufactures Link Site with many different companys.      RoboCompCBsite

             Photo's of a big CB radio shootout   Big Radios