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         DOWNLOADING MP3's like any other sizable file takes time. It pays to have a fast modem and connection; at 28.8K a 3min song can take over 15 minutes, at 56K less than 10 minutes. The station promos at the bottom of the page are very short (5-15 sec.) and will download fast. Happy listening.... EddieC.

NEWS CLIPS:  The audio portion of TV news reports about Pirate Radio in South Florida.

1. The Pipeline Story - The first report of Pirate activity in Broward, aired 9-29-97:   News1.mp3 size 1.1 meg.

2. Rad Berky visits Miami Pirates, aired 2-98:

News2.mp3 size 2.4 meg.

3. "Not again" Rad Berky still hasn't got a clue. 19 Pirates hit aired 12-98:    News3.mp3 size 0.6 meg.

LOCAL MUSIC  Hi quality stereo MP3's of local bands:

1. Fort Lauderdale Band, Garage Land title cut. GarageLand.mp3 size 2.8 meg.
2. Fort Lauderdale Musician, Dave Mott,
Ahead of the Game.mp3 size 1.8 meg.

3. Fort Lauderdale Band, Merge&Vary,
Twice the Fool.mp3 size 1.8 meg.

4. Fort Lauderdale Band, Mood,
I Wanna Meet Your Friends.mp3 size 3.0 meg.

WOLF FM 96.9Mhz
Promos from the LPFM station Wolf FM:
Promo1.mp3 size 500k
Promo2.mp3 size 185k
Promo3.mp3 size 267k
Promo4a.mp3 size 350k
Diann G., No Viagra needed here .mp3 size 340k
Larry J., Run for your life .mp3 size 66k
Larry J., Tired of fart gas .mp3 size 160k
Larry J., Tune in tomorrow .mp3 size 145k
Larry J., Gigabytes of good listening .mp3 size 60k
Sky, Wake up man .mp3 size 127k