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Petition RM-9242 Needs Maximum Push

                The Petition for Rule Making 9242 may be the only chance that the free radio broadcasters have to survive; especially in lieu of the recent busts in South Florida. If you support community based LPFM (low power fm) broadcasting it is vital that you visit this link RM9242 and follow the instructions to bury them with replies. I have hardly met a single person in the last two years that is not excited by the existence of Pirate FM stations and this is every bodies chance to let your feelings be known. More importantly, this may be our ONLY chance!! The N.A.B. is pushing the Gov. hard and the battle is heating up. The N.A.B. wants the whole LPFM issue to be rejected but the will of the people CAN prevail if we work together. Help the little guys get back our fair share of the FM broadcast band and you'll be glad you did. This is a nationwide issue so share this info with everyone you know who has ever listened to a radio.
             The petition for rule making 9242 is the fcc's designation for a proposal sent to them by a man named Rodger Skinner. It suggests the creation of a Low Power FM Broadcast service with three different levels of operation. The highest allowed is a 3KW ERP at a max height of 328 feet! Now I don't know about you, but down here, in the flat lands, that would produce for-midable results. The aforementioned 3KW ERP equates to 300 watts of carrier into a 10 db gain antenna (8 bay array) or 600 watts of carrier into a 7 db gain antenna (4-6 bay array), and so on... Either way, a 328 foot antenna height would be devastating!! Broadcast range would be "optimal"; having a increase in efficacy of 2-4 times that of the strongest pirates currently operating! Of course the vast majority operate way below these levels. Because of the drawbacks of unlicesed operation most stations with more than two or three hundred watts of output power have there own masts and towers typically less than 100 feet high. Most have fairly low gain antenna arrays usually just ground planes. This is where we come in! Obviously, the adoption of RM-9242 sounds good to me if it will just come to be. We have to help it. Public support is critical in order to obtain "Maximum Push" for the adoption of RM-9242. The RM-9242 Link:  www.concentric.net/~radiotv