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F.C.C. Raids South Fla. Pirates Again

                On dec. 7,8,9, the FCC raided a reported 19 stations in Miami-Dade County alone. Then continued north into Broward and Palm Beach Counties; making this one of the largest of at least three separate sweeps this year in the South Fla. area. The equipment was seized and some easily reached antennas were dismantled (no cranes this time), unoccupied rooms where transmitters operated were broken into and dismantled. At least half the stations involved had previous warnings from the FCC while the remainder did not. One such operator in Palm Beach County was visited and got his test in-struments and non-broadcast related gear seized along with the FM transmitters! I believe "this is wrong" since even L.D.Brewer got warnings well before his raid. This person told me the Feds were totally impartial and that he tried telling them he would not be able to work without my test equipment... but it did not matter. This guy lost a service monitor, frequency counters, DVM's, Watt meters, and power supplies. They even took his home stereo receiver and remember, "he had no prior warning at all". It's seems clear to me that "if the FCC takes gear not related to an unlicensed broadcast they're stealing".                 One thing is for sure the FCC is making a consistent effort to stop unlicensed FM stations in this area. In July of 98, the Fed's used a crane to take down the Miami-Dade based 97.7's antennas and tower!! That night Ch.10 news broadcasted images of the crane and men loading a huge rack into a truck (You can get the audio portion of the news clips in the MP3 Download Directory). Reportedly, 97.7 was operating at 2000 watts of output power! Looking back the whole year of '97 was smooth sailing for Pirates in the deep south. The hardball approach all got started around mid January'98 when stations in Dade and Broward counties got hit for the first time. The next month a ch.10 news re-porter named Rad Berky decides to interview pirate operators in Miami. Little do they know there about to walk the plank. Berky, acting with Kid Curry (DJ for Power96), plan to link the LPFM broadcast to interference with airport communications. This is fine accept for one thing: "no such interference existed" and there were no complaints of such interference! Not from the airport tower! Not from the airplanes! Nor from the local Police!! But none of that mattered! The truth never matters to liars. Nevertheless, they reached back in time and space to find an alleged case of interference that may have occurred somewhere...possibly even only once. But they felt it was worth telling the world about. The news report was advertised for two days before it aired and it only lasted five minutes. But in that five minutes everyone learned how pirate transmitters reek havoc on airplanes. Kid Curry goes on to suggest that when a pirate operator realizes he has caused a plane to crash, he could easily unplug his transmitter and go hide. "Is this guy serious or what"? I can't imagine being on TV making such idiotic remarks. I'm surprised the FAA didn't send him a warning to stop spreading false infomation about the safety of air traffic. I'm not saying that it's impossible to cause interference but "Get a clue Kid Curry" I saw the look on your face when you said it, even you knew it was a lie. It's negative propaganda for layman only!! Any radio technician understands that the rf energy emanations coming from the antenna that Power96 uses is far more dangerous to air traffic than all the pirates in Fla.!! Power96's operation alone results in 1st and 2nd harmonics being tuned in for miles: no pirate has that. Plus it's going to take a lot more than radio interference to cause a plane to crash. (More on the technical aspects of this later). The general public should know that pirate operators "pose no danger to air traffic". With regard to Rad Berky, I don't know what to say about you old man. "A reporter that purposely distorts and exaggerates the facts is no reporter at all". You need to take some lessons from Mark Shumacher! Now He's a good reporter. It follows that these appear to be part of the ongoing attempts by the commercial stations to thwart the creation of the LPFM service. (See Petition RM-9242 needs Maximum Push). It was a few months after this aired that the feds used a crane to dismantle 97.7 ! Shortly after this most recent raid, who do we see on tv again... you guessed it: "Rad Berky". The pencil-neck prince of ch.10 news, once again talking about pirates and planes. He sounds like a cheerleader for the FCC. While he praises the feds and tries again to reinforce the interference lie, there is an on-screen display a re-edit of old video. I guess he's afraid to go shoot anymore in Miami! I do wonder why? My advice to you is stop being a dumb reporter and take some time to learn why otherwise law abiding people would risk broad-casting without a license. What drives the pirate why does he risk money and machines to achieve his goal? There's a larger issue at hand and the people should be allowed to broadcast. If the system worked properly many of these Pirate operators would have licenses. I would think its better to try and get the "inside story" from the operators before they become "extinct". Besides the FCC doesn't need your help to find them.