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WolfRadio.com is MP3 Active

                 Mp3 is a file type used for sending CD quality stereo music over the internet. The Mp3 file is much smaller than its CDA or WAV file counterparts but sounds just as good. With MP3 you can fit over 150 songs on a standard 74 min. 650 Meg disc! This is one of the reasons why CD manufactures are up in arms. To make it worse "for them", electronic company's have released standalone portable players for MP3 CD's. The CD manufactures tried to stop these players from hitting the market but failed. Who wants a CD with only 20 or so good songs on it when you can have 150+. I have one in particular with 183 songs on it... that's gotta be the record, huh?  
                  All this is very cool but it gets even better. The popularity of the MP3 is soaring thanks in part to sites like MP3.com. These people make contracts with artist's to disperse their music over the web. They pay according to the number of downloads your songs get. They even have a top 40 of the Internet. It's not hard to make MP3 files and it's easier to get them off the net. This keeps the download machine running and the hit counter clicking and everyone's happy.
                  Now, here's where I come into the equation! I want WolfRadio.com to be a MP3 hub for local music! Original tunes by bands in "South Florida" availible for download on this site!        (MP3 Directory)   That's where "you" come in! I need more songs for the list. I have enough band friends to get the list going but there's room for more. So while your waiting for a Pirate station to come on so you can get some "airplay", why not "broadcast" over the Internet. But don't wait to long space is limited. For more info send me email with a phone # and best time to call.   EddieC@wolfradio.com
                People everywhere are converting there entire music libraries to MP3's and playing them from there PC's! You can fit up to 2000 songs on a 8 gig hard drive! That's 200 CD's worth, all in that little metal box! I think that's very cool technology. There isn't a CD changer on earth that can keep up with the MP3 player. I can scroll down my list and play any song I want instantly. Or switch between songs as fast as you can "double click" without touching a CD! Any kind of list can be made fast: 70's, 80's, 90's, A to Z or just shuffle. Imagine 2000 classic rock songs available for instant play! I call this the "MP3 Juke Box" and it sounds like the best radio station you ever heard without commercials. It is the main playing source of Wolf FM 96.9Mhz. Commercial stations have been using hard drives for years. The entire show can be pre-programmed the DJ's don't have to be there at all.