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Wolf Bay 11m

The Wolf Bay 11m is a half wave center mounted dipole for the 11-meter (CB) band. It is center feed with a gamma match and is tunable from 25 to 30 MHz. (also available for other bands) It can be mounted for vertical or horizontal polarization on a tower or pole or any other suitable structure. Its all aluminum DC grounded design makes it ideal for the high lightning and static areas of the south. This antenna will not attract lightning like the common fiberglass antenna and can withstand a substantial discharge with minimal or no damage. (Wolf Antennas come with Lightning Warrantee) It has become popular with tower crane operators because of its ease of mounting, lightning resistance and greater range. When replacing a Antron with a Wolf Bay 11m on a tower crane a minimum of 3 to 5 dB gain is realized in almost every direction. (See polar plots 2,3) The length is close to 18 ft. over all and the mounting boom is 3 ft. long 1-1/2 inch diameter thick wall pipe. Stock power handling is 1kw and high power version is 5 kw. This antenna is considered to be omnidirectional but its pattern is offset a little in the direction away from the support structure. (See polar plots 1,4) The theoretical gain of a half wave dipole is only 2.1 dBi but the improvement seen by switching from a fiberglass antenna to this type is dramatic.
                      polar plot 1                                  polar plot 2

    In this test the antennas are 260 feet high on a tower crane and no ground radials are used. The arrow points in the direction of the crane boom. In the first plot my antenna is mounted in a lower position on the railing behind the control cab and closer to interfering metal. But even in this position there are no dead zones in the pattern, its only offset by 3 to 4 dB. In the second plot the Antron is mounted in the advantage position higher than the Wolf bay on the top railing of the counter bridge. The Antron's pattern (dark shading) is distorted and has a greater than -20 dB dead spot in it. The red shaded area shows the Wolf Bays improvement in coverage. It not only filled the dead spot but also has better gain in 275 degrees of the circle. Moving it to the higher spot provided superior coverage in all 360 degrees (Plot 3). Plot 4 shows the coverage of a single Wolf Bay when mounted on a Rohn tower the pattern is offset by 3 to 4 dB in the direction away from the tower.
                          polar plot 3                                  polar plot 4 

   Two or more Wolf Bay 11m's can be phased together to give higher gain and pattern shaping. If 2 bays are mounted side by side 9 feet apart or more and fed in phase a bi-directional figure eight pattern results. Two bays stacked one over the other and spaced at least 3/4 wave produces a high gain omni. This is the configuration I am currently using with great success.

The theoretical gain improvement is only 3 dB but vertical spacing (3/4 wave or more) dramatically increases the effective aperture. This, because it prevents individual aperture overlap results in signal increases way better than 3 dB. In fact on the back side I see only 3 dB, but on the coverage side 5 to 6 dB is typical.

    Mounting bracket

Gamma, slider and coax connector bracket   

Price $90.00

Wolf Bay_11m mounted on tower crane  

SPECS: Wolf Bay_11m
STYLE ------------------------------ tower leg mount
POLARITY -------------- (single) VERT. or HOR.
LENGTH -------------------- 18 FEET (1/2 WAVE)
GAIN ------------------------------------- 2.1 DBI MIN.
FREQUENCY ---------------(tunable) 25 - 30 Mhz
S.W.R. ---------------------------------------- 1.1 to 1.0
FEED ----------- D.C. Grounded, Gamma Matched

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