FM Broadcast Antenna

Wolf Bay fmbc

The Wolf Bay fmbc is a half wave center mounted dipole for the FM broadcast band. It is center fed with a gamma match and is tunable from 88.0 to 108.0 MHz. (also available for other bands) It can be mounted for vertical or horizontal polarization on a tower or pole or any other suitable structure. Its all aluminum DC grounded design makes it ideal for the high lightning and static areas of the south. This antenna can withstand a substantial discharge with minimal or no damage. (Wolf Antennas come with Lightning Warrantee) The gain of a single bay is 0.0 dBd. The gain of 2 bays is 3.0 dBd, 4 bays equals 6.0 dBd etc. Each time you double the number of bays you get 3.0 dB more gain. The 8 bays on my tower have a offset gain of 12.0 dBd because they are all on the same side. The shape of the pattern is controlled by the mounting position of each bay on the tower. If half the bays were mounted on the other side of the tower a near omni pattern with a 9.0 dB gain would result, 9 dB equals a 8 X power multiplication. Plot 1 shows the offset pattern.
The antenna element itself is made of 5/8 and 1/2 inch aluminum tubing and is field adjustable to any FM channel. The support boom is 1 1/4 inch (thick wall) aluminum pipe 18 inches long. This antenna can be fitted with any type RF connector but comes stock with a silver Teflon UHF style (SO-239) connector. A gamma match is used to couple the RF energy to the element and the power rating is 500 watts CCS. Two, three and four port broadband power splitters are used to phase multiple bays together. Antennas come pre-tuned to the frequency you specify. Main feed lines, power dividers and phasing harnesses are available but are not included with antenna and must be ordered separately.

          gamma match and slider                      mounting bracket

Price $125.00 per bay

SPECS: Wolf Bay_fmbc
STYLE ------------------------------ tower leg mount
POLARITY -------------- (single) VERT. or HOR.
LENGTH ----------------------- 5 FEET (1/2 WAVE)
GAIN ------------------------------------- 2.1 DBI MIN.
POWER RATING ------------- 500 WATTS CCS
FREQUENCY --------------(tunable) 88 - 108 Mhz
S.W.R. ---------------------------------------- 1.1 to 1.0
FEED ----------- D.C. Grounded, Gamma Matched

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