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96.9 Mhz. St.
    South East Florida U.S.A.   Planet Earth      
"Yes I am a Pirate, 200 years too late......"    Jimmy Buffet, from the song: A Pirate Looks at 40.

                       In the left column is a photo of the tower and antenna installation at WolfRadio! On the right side of the tower is the 8-bay array, it uses up over 50 feet of length on the 120-foot tower. High on the left side is a half wave 11m (CB) antenna. High gain rotating antennas will be installed at the top. A rotating FM stereo antenna is mounted at 40 feet (1st set of guys).

The Mackie 1604-vlz mixer.

                        For years now the NAB has succeeded at manipulating the FCC into eliminating all LPFM (FM radio) station licenses and keeping the broadcast band away from the people. Essentially, only big companies and rich organizations are allowed. But that is all starting to change! The FCC is showing definite signs of weakening under the strain of the battle with the free radio advocates. And here's the proof the FCC has published a brand new LPFM web site! This is a good sign and means that our efforts have been effective but more opinions are still needed. Visit the link and learn all you can about LPFM and spread the word to your friends.
                        Recently the FCC has stepped up its enforcement against unlicensed broadcasters in S. Fla. It is now a considerable risk to put on a high level LPFM style broadcast without a license (See important news).