Wolf Yagi 3_11m

   The WY3_11m is a three element yagi style beam that can be mounted for vertical or horizontal polarization. The WY3D_11 is designed for dual polarity. The 3 element beam is ideal where size, weight, and cost are a factor.
       The WY3_11m is small in size and light in weight and can be supported on a mast and turned with a light duty TV style rotor. It's boom is 11 feet long by 1.5 inch in diameter and weighs 13 lbs. Although small in size it produces a respectable increase in gain (12dBi receive and transmit) and very noticeable rejection (front to back = 25db). The antenna is all aluminum with plated steel u-bolts. It has 5/8 inch center elements and 1/2 inch element arms. The longest element is 18 ft. It's stock gamma match can handle 1000 watts of power with higher powers available upon request.



Price: WY3_11m $90.00
Price: WY3D_11m $160.00

SPECS: WY3_11m/WY3D_11m
STYLE ----------------------------------- YAGI BEAM
POLARITY -----------------VERT./HOR. or DUAL
BOOM ------------------------- 11-FEET x 1.5" O.D.
GAIN --------------------------------------------- 12-dBi
Font to Back Ratio ----------------------------- 25-dB
POWER RATING ----------- 1000 WATTS ICAS
FREQUENCY ------------------- 11 meters/ 27mHz
S.W.R. ----------------------------------------- 1.1 to 1.0
FEED ----------- D.C. Grounded, Gamma Matched

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