Wolf Yagi 4_11m

   The WY4_11m is a four element yagi style beam that can be mounted for vertical or horizontal polarization. The WY4D_11 is designed for dual polarity.
       The WY4 is a medium size beam antenna and should be mounted on a heavy duty pole or small tower (Rohn 25g) and turned by a light to medium duty rotor (CD-45). It's small size, ease of construction, and excellent performance make it the most popular beam antenna for 11 meter use. This antenna is best suited for operators that want serious beam performance without the expense and appearance of a big antenna. It has a noticeable improvement in gain and rejection over the three element with only 5 feet more boom length. The WY4D_11m can be ordered with a Quad reflector. The gain is 14.5dBi with a 35dB front to back ratio. The antenna is all aluminum with plated steel u-bolts. The WY4_11m weighs only 18.5 lbs. The boom is 16 feet long and 2 inchs in diameter. It has 5/8 inch center elements and 1/2 inch element arms. The longest element is 18 ft. It's stock gamma match can handle 1000 watts of power with higher powers available upon request.



Price: WY4_11m $145.00
Price: WY4D_11m $230.00

SPECS: WY4_11m/WY4D_11m
STYLE ----------------------------------- YAGI BEAM
POLARITY -----------------VERT./HOR. or DUAL
BOOM---------------------------- 16-FEET x 2" O.D.
GAIN ------------------------------------------- 14.5-dBi
Font to Back Ratio ----------------------------- 35-dB
POWER RATING ----------- 1000 WATTS ICAS
FREQUENCY ------------------- 11 meters/ 27mHz
S.W.R. ----------------------------------------- 1.1 to 1.0
FEED ----------- D.C. Grounded, Gamma Matched

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