Wolf Yagi 6L_11m

   The WY6L_11m is a six element yagi style beam with a long boom(40 ft.). It can be mounted for vertical or horizontal polarization. The WY6LD_11 is designed for dual polarity. The long boom six is a unique design that's only available from Wolf Radio. Most all other Yagi's with 40 foot booms are made with eight elements. This results in poor performance because of insufficient spacing between directors. Most people are not aware that gain is a function of boom length not number of elements. Sure 8 elements on a 40 ft. boom looks impressive up on the tower, but it's performance falls short of it's size. After the five element point has been reached additional directors need to be spaced at least 9 feet apart to continue to add gain to the array. Plus, Yagi antennas are inherently narrow banded and close spacing makes this worse. When the elements are spread out, and proper element taper is used, the usable bandwidth is increased providing optimum performance over a larger part of the band. This results in gain and rejection that's up to par with it's physical size. Don't be fooled by 8 elements with close spacing, wider is better!
      The WY6L is a very large size beam antenna and should be mounted on a tower (Rohn 25g or larger) and turned by a heavy duty rotor (Ham IV or larger). The WY6LD_11m can be ordered with a Quad reflector. The gain is 18dBi with a 50dB front to back ratio. The antenna is all aluminum with plated steel u-bolts. The WY6L_11m weighs 60 lbs., the boom is 40 feet long and 3 inches in diameter. It has 5/8 inch center elements and 1/2 inch element arms. The longest element is 18 ft. It's stock gamma match can handle 1000 watts of power with higher powers available upon request.

  The WY6L uses a three way fiberglass rod boom support system. The rods are mounted at 120 degrees points around the boom. This not only takes the sag out of the boom but prevents lateral and upward movement. The result is a very strong perfectly strait boom structure that does not sway or give in any plane. This system is easy to assemble and will not stretch for the life of the antenna. The rods do not effect the electrical performance of the antenna while giving it the ability to handle winds of 100 mph! The above photo shows the support system and boom without the elements installed. Below left is the completed antenna, on right a close up of the guy anchor assembly.

Price: WYL6_11m $500.00
WYL6D_11m $600.00

SPECS: WY6L_11m/WY6LD_11m
STYLE ---------------------------------- YAGI BEAM
POLARITY -----------------VERT./HOR. or DUAL
BOOM -------------------------- 40-FEET x 3" O.D.
GAIN  -------------------------------------------- 18-dBi
Font to Back Ratio  --------------------------- 50-dB
POWER RATING ------------ 1000 WATTS ICAS
FREQUENCY ------------------ 11 meters/ 27mHz
S.W.R. --------------------------------------- 1.1 to 1.0 
FEED -------- D.C. Grounded, Gamma Matched 

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